Ultimate Patio Transformation

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Ultimate Patio Transformation: Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

I’m sharing my ultimate patio transformation and my favorite outdoor decorating ideas to get you ready for all the sunny months ahead. Did you know that 70% of people wish they had a more charming and inviting patio? That’s a huge number, so today I’m thrilled to share my best tips for transforming your outdoor spaces into a beautiful oasis.

Ultimate Patio Transformation

Transforming Our Patio

To give you an example of a stunning patio transformation, I’ll take you through the design and construction of our patio extension and cut flower garden. Before we added the patio extension and cutting garden off the back of our house, the space was uninspiring.

Before the patio

It was just grass with a couple of hydrangeas along the back wall of the house. Living in Arkansas, where summers are super hot, we needed a covered patio for entertaining and a place to relax and unwind. A covered space is essential for enjoying the outdoors without being in direct sunlight.

after shot of the patio

In our outdoor oasis, we needed a gracious seating area for entertaining family and friends, a dining space, an area for our grill and outdoor cooking essentials, a fireplace, a TV, and, of course, a cut flower garden. All of this had to be designed to be beautiful, welcoming, and in harmony with our existing home’s architectural details and materials.

Designing the Layout

When designing the layout and footprint of the patio extension, I had to keep a few things in mind. We had an existing exterior door off the back of the house that we didn’t want to move, and a second-story window above the area where we were putting the new patio extension. This meant the roofline needed to fall below that window, dictating the pitch of the roofline.

Before the construction started

Additionally, the footprint of the covered patio had to be large enough to accommodate a large sectional seating area, dining area, and outdoor kitchen. I also wanted the sightlines from all these spaces to look out into the woods and the beautiful ferns beyond.

During construction Ultimate Patio Transformation

Creating Beautiful Sightlines

Sightlines are crucial in both interior and exterior design. To create beautiful vistas and sightlines, I made sure that all the cedar posts on the patio extension lined up with the posts on the fence line. This allowed for symmetrical outdoor patio lights zigzagging between the posts.

Ultimate Patio Transformation Site lines

My two primary objectives for the cut flower garden were to include as many flowering plants as possible and to keep out the deer. I designed the garden to flank the covered patio with perimeter beds about 2 to 4 feet deep and six raised beds measuring 4×12 feet. This setup provided ample space for flowers and created a sunny area within our wooded 5-acre property.

Practical Tips for Your Outdoor Space

Planning this patio and garden extension took a lot of effort, but it was worth it. My top tip for designing an outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, garden, porch, or deck, is to start with a simple sketch. You don’t need to be an artist; just grab a pencil and paper and do a line sketch with dimensions to ensure you’re designing something that fits your needs.

laying out your flower beds

Another pro tip is to use wooden stakes and orange marking tape to outline the area you want to create, helping you visualize it in person.

laying furniture sizes on ground with tape

If you already have an existing patio or porch and want to add new furniture or pots, use painter’s tape to outline the footprint of the pieces on the ground to check the scale. This tip works indoors too, ensuring the scale and pathways around furniture are correct.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space

Creating inviting outdoor spaces will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your home. Here are a few additional decorating tips:

Decorating with outdoor decor - Ultimate Patio Transformation
  1. Create an Inviting Seating Area: This could be a sofa, sectional, and side chair, or even just a small bench. The key is to have a place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Include a Dining Table and Chairs: Whether it’s a large dining table that seats eight or a small folding cafe table and chairs, having a place to enjoy an al fresco meal is essential.
  3. Treat Outdoor Spaces as an Extension of Your Home: Use furniture, rugs, lighting, and pots that reflect your style and create a cohesive look with your home’s interiors.

Final Thoughts

We broke ground on this patio extension and garden two years ago, completing the patio before the garden. Now, it looks like it’s been here as long as our home. It’s my favorite place to spend time, starting my day in the garden with a cup of coffee and often ending it under the patio with dinner and TV.

Ultimate Patio Transformation

For us, fully enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of nature is transformative. I hope today’s blog post inspires you to create a welcoming and warm outdoor oasis.

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If you enjoyed these tips, let me know in the comments what you’re excited to incorporate into your outdoor spaces this year. Follow us on Instagram @ashleychilderhome and on Pinterest for daily design inspiration.

Remember, good design is for everyone, so create a home that inspires you. Have fun adding welcoming charm to your outdoor areas and fall in love with where you live, one space at a time!

XO, Ashley

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