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Today, I’m excited to share the Top 5 Design Trends for 2023. I’ll be breaking down each trend element by element and sharing my design secrets on exactly how you can achieve these top trends in your own home.

These are all what I like to call “Non-trendy” trends. This is basically my way of saying these trends all have timeless qualities or aesthetic references that will stand the test of time. They might not all be your cup of tea. But, if you choose to embrace one or all of them in your home, they won’t be out of style in a year.

Now speaking of a cup of tea. The first 2023 design trend I want to talk about is… English Cottage Charm.

Top 2023 Design Trend #1: English Cottage Charm

I’m here for all the English cottage charm and this 2023 trend that has major staying power. English cottage charm is a niched-down version of the big overarching trend of creating more cozy, layered interiors with historical references.

Picture reclaimed beams, stone walls, inset bookshelves, cozy nooks, and an entire smattering of quirky architectural details. All of which would be found in an English country home 100 years ago.

My daughter and traveled to the Cotswolds several times last year, and I completely fell in love with the overwhelming charm of English country cottages.

They embrace imperfections and always achieve the most effortlessly layered interiors that just ooze charm and character.

Hallmarks of this trend are layered patterns, overstuffed upholstery with rolled arms, and turned legs. Plus, live flower arrangements and plants that look cut from the garden.

This trend is also characterized by timeless hardwearing materials such as natural stone, reclaimed wood floors, weathered beams, and vintage wool rugs.

Exterior features that play into the English cottage trend are charming exterior details like paned windows, cute cozy porches, wooden doors, and creeping vines. An abundant English garden-style landscaping with a mix of architectural plantings. Such as boxwoods mixed with abundant perennial borders. Stone walkways are also hallmarks of this 2023 trend.

How you can achieve the English Cottage look in your own home: Interiors

  • Use a mix of wood finishes in your furniture pieces, like walnut and oak. If you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, opt for natural wood finishes in your interior millwork and cabinetry.
  • Embrace English florals in wallpaper and fabrics like pillows, drapery, or bed linens. This will create a feeling of charm, history, and nostalgia.
  • Source English antiques for furniture, artwork, and accessories. Examples are turned-leg dining chairs, carved wooden chests, or collections of antique silver serving pieces.

How You Can Achieve this Look: Exteriors

  • Create architectural interest in your garden with a concrete birdbath, fountain, or garden statuary.
  • Layer baskets and antique pots on your porches and outdoor spaces overflowing with flowers and ivy.
  • Incorporate garden benches, a seating grouping of wrought iron chairs, and a stone table. This will create an inviting spot to enjoy an outdoor meal or just some quiet time to sit and read.

There are so many ways to embrace the English Country cottage look. It’s one of my favorites for its charm and character and a 2023 trend that will stand the test of time.

My favorites for getting the English Cottage Look:

Top 2023 Design Trend #2: “Next to Nature”

This trend blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces. It embraces the overarching trend of creating a connection to the natural world. Key elements of this design trend are bringing nature inside through architectural details like open-concept indoor/outdoor spaces. Using window placement to maximize sun exposure and views. Also, by bringing the outdoors in through natural building materials and furnishings.

Examples of this include mixing wood species and finishes within a single space, mimicking how varying wood tones appear in the natural world. Designing with natural stone, both statement-making like heavily veined marble and onyx to more restrained natural stones such as soapstone and quartzite.

Using fabrics and rugs that are made of natural materials like mohair, linen, wool, leather, and shearling. Choosing natural calming color palettes such as creamy beiges, dusty greens, and warm, inviting browns. Lastly, incorporating live plants and flowers into our interior spaces is a huge part of the “Next to Nature” trend.

We’re seeing this trend manifest in rooms that feel like they are a direct connection and celebration of our natural world, and we’re embracing it wholeheartedly.

How to achieve the “Next to Nature” look:

  • If you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, focus on natural materials in the interior and exterior architectural details.
  • Use of natural wood-toned flooring, millwork, and cabinetry
  • Create abundant landscaping with a mix of textures and shapes in your plantings. Use evergreen plants to provide year-round green color and architectural deciduous plantings and trees to add winter contrast and interest.
  • Embrace natural stone floors and countertops in honed or leathered finishes to create a more natural calming statement.
  • Use natural materials in your furniture, such as a mix of natural wood finishes and natural fibers like linen and mohair in nature’s soft, soothing colors.
  • Sprinkle in accessories that are made of stone, wood, and clay that have a handmade, organic feel.
  • Use natural scented candles in rosemary, lavender, evergreen, or other natural calming fragrances.
  • Mix in live plants and natural stems to add organic interest and promote healthy living.

A few of my favorites for embracing the “Next to Nature” trend:

Top 2023 Design Trend #3: Cocooning Color

Think moody colors layered in varying depths with loads of texture and a cozy cocooning vibe. This trend plays off the overarching trend of creating moodier, enveloping interior spaces. Picture rich chocolate brown, deep merlot, warm cinnamon, and dusty cypress green as color palettes for this trend. We see these and other deep colors boldly enveloping entire rooms in wall and ceiling color, upholstery, art, accessories, and rugs. This trend is really all about creating a cocoon-like retreat that’s welcoming and restful. 

How to achieve this look:

  • Gold bolder with your paint choices this year, but think deep, rich tones that will create a moodier vibe.
  • Create enveloping color. Where walls, trim, moldings, and ceilings are all painted the same color.
  • Embrace tonal variations, meaning a bit lighter or darker shade of the same color. For example, use the darkest variation of color on your millwork, one shade lighter on the walls, and even one more shade lighter on the ceiling.
  • Lean toward upholstery and rugs that are in the same color family. For example, maybe you choose a dark cypress green for the walls and pair that with a slightly lighter deep olive for your sofa.
  • If you are choosing new upholstery, go for fabrics that you’ll love for years to come. Bring on a deep fabric color defined by a beautiful texture… like mohair, natural linen, or nubby wool.

Lastly, if leaning into the Cocooning color trend in an entire room is a bit scary for you. Try this trend out by creating a monochromatic moment on your entry table or designing a gallery wall by grouping a collection of rich-toned accessories or art together. These are easy ways to incorporate those deep moody colors that we’re all craving in 2023.

A few favorites to create the “Cocooning Color” trend in your own home:

Top 2023 Trend #4: Sexy Sanctuaries

One of my favorite design trends of 2023, and one that I’ll be incorporating into my home this year, is the “Sexy Sanctuary.” Think cocktail rooms, reading libraries, wine cellars, poker rooms, and even a luxurious dressing room or primary closet. This trend is a counterpart to the big trend of personalizing your home to be a true reflection of you and your interest.

The highly personalized spaces that create a “Sexy Sanctuary” are designed to celebrate and encourage your hobbies and interest or simply provide a beautiful place to relax, unwind and recharge.

They can be a space for entertaining, such as a cocktail room or poker lounge. Or be a place for personal retreats, such as a beautifully appointed library or dressing room.

I might get a few raised eyebrows out of this one, but these rooms are designed to be for ADULTS ONLY. Not that your kiddos can’t hang out in the library with you, but as a trend, these spaces are designed with a luxurious adult aesthetic in mind.

Just think briefly about all the playrooms and hangout spaces we create for our children and their friends. Literally, so much of our time and effort goes into providing special places to nurture our children’s interests. So let me say it for the record….the adults of the home deserve a room all to themselves as well. Cue the “Sexy Sanctuary,” please, and thank you.

How to achieve this look:

  • Think for a minute about what you love to spend some time doing to relax, let loose or feel pampered in your home. Is it a luxurious bubble bath and glass of wine, a night spent with friends playing cards, or a rainy Saturday afternoon reading a book?
  • So if it’s a lazy Sunday complete with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a soothing atmosphere, then focus on creating a space in your primary bathroom that is a restful retreat. Complete with a calming color on the walls and dimmable lighting fixtures in soft, matte finishes. Plush bath linens and little luxuries like a fragrant candle and a vase of flowers on the vanity.
  • These are personal and special activities. Embracing the “Sexy Sanctuary” trend is all about creating spaces to enjoy these activities.
  • If you are more of a let’s sit and sip whiskey kind of person, then go all in with a dark and moody space. Think dark colors on the walls. A mix of textural fabrics, such as leather sofas, wool draperies, and stonewashed linen pillows, fit the bill. Also, accessories that bring in the whiskey-drinking spirit are a great addition to finish the look.

Safe to say that the “Sexy Sanctuary” trend is one that can bring so much personal meaning to our homes. It’s one trend I’ll be fully embracing in 2023.

Some of the very best items to get the “Sexy Sanctuary” look.

Top 2023 Design Trend #5: Artful Architecture

The “Artful Architecture” trend has been going strong for several years, and 2023 will be no exception. This trend is all about incorporating thoughtful architectural features into your home. Think vaulted ceiling details such as barrel arches, groin vaults, or cathedral ceilings. As well as arched case openings, window seats, and dining niches.

This trend also uses materials to create architectural interest. Such as raised panel moldings, tongue and groove walls, ceiling beams, and customized millwork.

How to achieve this look:

  • This “non-trendy” trend is suited a bit more for the DIY-minded interior design enthusiast. It’s also perfect for someone who’s updating or building a new home as the elements of this trend are, well…. Architectural.
  • Wanting to add some “Artful Architecture” to your current home or new construction house plans? I encourage you to stick to classic design elements like arched doorways, clean-lined molding, timeless trim details, and architectural ceiling beams.
  • One of my favorite and fairly inexpensive ways to add architectural interest to a room is with picture moldings or tongue and groove paneling applied to walls. These interior architectural elements are easy and affordable ways to add interest and depth to a room.

A few of my favorite architecture books to get your “Artful Architectural” juices flowing

So, that’s my top 2023 design trends! Please let me know in the comments which trends are your favorites. Or if there are any other home trends that I didn’t cover that you’ve fallen head over heels for.

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As always, thank you for reading, and remember, good design is for everyone. So stay true to yourself, create a home that inspires you, and love where you live in 2023 and beyond.

XO- Ashley

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