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How to Create Timeless Traditional Spaces in Your Home

While trends may come and some may go, one design style remains a classic choice, and that is timeless traditional. Traditional design has a classic appeal that endures, exuding elegance, sophistication, and a sense of history. This results in warm and inviting spaces that never go out of style.

Creating a timeless traditional space can seem overwhelming with many details to consider, but fear not. Here are step-by-step tips to help you incorporate the timeless traditional look into your home.

1. Emphasize Symmetry

Creating symmetry is an easy way to add instant classic appeal to a room. It sets a formal tone, creating focal points and order. Symmetry makes a room feel finished and polished.

Incorporate pairs of paintings, artwork, or mirrors on each side of a fireplace, groupings of paintings above a console table, or pairs of lamps. Even two pillars on each side of a door adorned with ferns or florals can make a difference.

2. Incorporate Traditional Architectural Details

Examples of traditional architectural details include wainscoting, crown molding, panel walls, arches, and columns. These details add formality and history to a space, creating a beautiful and timeless backdrop.

3. Include Classic Decor Elements

Incorporate classic decor elements to inject timeless appeal into your home. Examples include glass candle hurricanes, woven trays, ginger jars, leather boxes, brass candlesticks, stacks of coffee table books, and ceramic vases for fresh flowers.

4. Embrace a Neutral Color Scheme with Pops of Bold Color

Opt for classic colors like buttery cream, warm beige, and tonal tans for walls. Accent with rich colors like red, dark brown, and deep navy.

This creates a classic shell that shows off your traditional furniture and decor in a timeless and sophisticated way.

5. Choose Classic Upholstery Details

Select timeless shapes with rolled arms, such as Chesterfield or Camel Back sofas. Accent with wingback or club chairs for an additional layer of timeless appeal.

Choose upholstery fabrics like cotton, velvet, and wool to ensure comfort and style for years to come.

6. Incorporate Furniture with Traditional Silhouettes

Look for wooden side tables with spindle or barley twist legs, classic dark wood secretaries, intricately carved armoires, or streamlined Parson or trestle tables.

These furniture classics are always a good investment and can often be found at antique markets at affordable prices.

7. Include Window Dressings

Window treatments such as drapery panels, sheers, valances, and Roman shades add a textural layer of interest and create cozy sophistication in your rooms.

8. Include Classic Patterns

Classic patterns like houndstooth, plaid, stripes, florals, or damasks add timeless appeal. Incorporate these patterns in easy-to-live-with ways, such as a plaid rug or floral patterned pillows, without overwhelming the space.

9. Opt for Timeless Flooring Choices

Timeless flooring choices include wooden floors in darker tones, classic tile patterns in stone and ceramics, and textural wool carpets and rugs.

Pay attention to this tip if you’re getting new floors, and lean towards rich-toned hardwoods and classic tile patterns like basket weave, harlequin, running brick, and octagon-and-dot patterns.

10. Make Classic Lighting Choices

Choose classic lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps. Classic metals like polished nickel and unlacquered brass, and incorporating crystal accents, can elevate the room. Stately buffet lamps and gathered fabric shades on brass sconces add refinement.

11. Bring in the Botanicals

Incorporate flower arrangements and house plants into your home decor for an easy and timeless choice. Billowing vases of hydrangeas or rose posies perched on side tables add graciousness to your space.

Creating a timeless traditional space is about combining elegance, sophistication, and historical elements to create inviting and enduring rooms. Embrace these tips to add a dash of timeless tradition to your home.

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As always, remember that good design is for everyone, so create a home that inspires you. Have fun adding timeless traditional charm to your spaces and fall in love with where you live, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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