Summer Garden Tour

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2023 Summer Garden Tour

Hello, design enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to take you on a mid-summer garden tour of my vegetable and flower garden.

This space is incredibly precious to me as we just added it last year, providing the opportunity for raised garden beds and the flower and vegetable garden of my dreams.

Summer garden tour

Garden Entrance

Let’s begin our garden tour at one of the two garden gates. Our new garden flanks either side of the house’s outdoor patio extension, providing a delightful entry point from our driveway.

The entire garden is enclosed with a fence, a necessity to protect my precious flowers from the beautiful yet voracious deer that roam our acreage. The cedar fencing and gate, stained in a lovely gray, harmonize with the shutters on our house, creating a cohesive design.

The Right Garden

Passing through the gate, we enter the main area of the right garden, adorned with three beautifully stained raised garden beds. To complement the beds, pea gravel covers the ground, adding visual appeal and serving practical purposes.

The gravel aids in water runoff and weed control, making it an ideal choice for this garden space.

As we explore further, an arbor covered in climbing Jasmine awaits. This Carolina Jasmine is a hardy climber and provides evergreen foliage throughout the winter.

potted plants

Symmetry was a key design element, especially with the addition of string lights that adorn the arbor openings. The play of lights creates a magical atmosphere, perfect for evening strolls in the garden.

Details of the Right Garden

String lights were a non-negotiable for me, adding a touch of beauty and magic to the garden. Each element, from the choice of plants to the layout, was carefully considered to ensure visual interest in every season.

A bistro table and chairs nestled under a limelight hydrangea tree offer a perfect spot for morning coffee, shaded from the early sunlight.

My Raised Beds and Vegetable Garden

Moving to the back of the garden, we encounter the raised beds, each with a unique theme. Inspired by my grandmother, a dedicated gardener, I decided to try my hand at vegetable gardening, creating a tribute to her. The beds are a mix of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, providing a harmonious blend of color and functionality.

Potted Plants

Returning to the front, I share the entrance moment to the patio, where cedar columns adorned with Wisteria set the stage.

potted plants

Pots filled with an array of flowering plants showcasing cool tones of pink, purple, and white create a welcoming and abundant atmosphere. This space serves as an entry point and offers a visual treat for visitors.

The Design of the Left Garden

Now, we transition to the left garden, characterized by a large Bracken Brown magnolia tree. This side is dedicated to cutting flowers and is visible from the kitchen windows.

left side of the garden - summer garden tour

Despite a recent encounter with deer, the flowers are making a comeback, showcasing the resilience of nature. The design here revolves around maximizing sunlight, allowing for a diverse selection of flowering plants.

Considering Your Plants

As we wrap up the tour, I share insights into the patience required in gardening. Plants take time to grow, and setbacks are a part of the journey. It’s essential to consider sun exposure and your plants’ watering needs, especially in a climate like ours.

I hope you enjoyed this mid-summer garden tour, showcasing the beauty of a garden in its infancy. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below. I always appreciate your feedback.

For even more design goodness, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and Pinterest @ashleychildersco. Check out the garden tour YouTube video below to see every inch of the tour.

Remember, good design is for everyone. Create a home that inspires you and fall in love with where you liveā€”one room at a time. Thank you for joining me on this garden journey.

XO, Ashley

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