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Hosting a Garden Party & Summer Cocktails

Hello, design enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to guide you through the art of hosting a summer garden party and creating a refreshing summer cocktail.

We’ll explore two simple yet exquisite ways to craft floral arrangements—one using clippings from your garden and the other with charming bouquets from your local supermarket.

Plus, I’ll be sharing the recipe for my favorite refreshing summer cocktail, our signature Margarita. Now, let’s dive into the world of outdoor table settings.

Setting an Outdoor Table:

Let’s start by creating a casual yet beautiful ambiance for our alfresco dinner party. I’ve chosen a grayish teak wood table, and the first layer is a perfect-fit linen runner that adds a touch of elegance.

The next layer is woven seagrass chargers, offering texture and practicality for easy cleaning.

Now, it’s time for the plates and linens.

Today, I’m opting for melamine tableware, and here’s a pro tip—go for a matte finish to ensure long-lasting beauty. I’ve selected charming white linen napkins with a fringe edge for the table linens. These little details elevate the outdoor dining experience.

Glassware and Floral Arrangements:

Glassware plays a crucial role in adding sophistication to the table. I’ve chosen the opal dots Hamish collection for a touch of elegance.

Two types of glasses and a pitcher of water, and we’re ready for the floral arrangements.

I’ve strategically placed Raffia-wrapped vessels throughout the tablescape, each holding a mix of flowers and branches from my garden—Salvia, fairy fan flower, spirea, Swedish ivy, and garden roses.

Creating Casual Floral Arrangements:

Let’s dive into the art of creating casual floral arrangements using garden clippings. Start with greenery like Carolina Jasmine to add a wispy, natural feel. Add Swedish ivy for a touch of architectural interest.

Now, incorporate flowers like Salvia, fairy fan flowers, spirea, and garden roses. Trim the stems for a clean look and keep the water clear for longer-lasting arrangements.

Floral Arrangements with Store-Bought Flowers:

If you’re short on garden clippings, worry not. I’ve switched to store-bought flowers, showcasing a white palette of freesia, tulips, and ranunculus. Place them in vintage pitchers for an effortlessly beautiful and casual tablescape.

Signature Margarita Recipe:

Time for cocktails! My signature Margarita is a summer favorite. In a shaker, combine a quarter cup of fresh lime juice, half a cup of Blanco tequila, a quarter cup of Cointreau, and a tablespoon of light Agave.

Shake well and rim your glasses with tahin for that extra kick. Pour over ice, and voilà—a classic Margarita ready to be enjoyed responsibly.

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ve gained inspiration for hosting your garden party. Check out the full YouTube video of Getting Ready to Host a Summer Garden Party Below!

Remember, good design is for everyone. Create a home that inspires you, enjoy entertaining this summer, and fall in love with where you live—one room at a time. Cheers!

XO, Ashley

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