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Top 15 Designer Tips for Small Spaces

I’m excited to share my top 15 designer tips for making the most of small spaces by creating rooms that not only look but also feel bigger. Each tip is packed with value, so let’s dive right in!

Small Spaces

1. Strategic Storage Solutions

Maximize storage wherever possible in your small space. Think about utilizing floor-to-ceiling built-ins or cabinetry to optimize vertical space. Don’t forget about low-storage solutions like under-bed storage or ottomans. Personalize your storage to make the most of every inch.

Storage solutions

2. Circular Tables

Opt for circular tables, especially in tight spaces or areas where you need to maximize walkways. They free up floor space and promote better flow in rooms.

circular tables - small spaces

3. Vertical Wall Art

Stack your wall art and decor vertically to draw the eye up and create visual interest. Consider arranging smaller art pieces in a vertical stack or layering decorative sculptures on top of each other.

vertical wall art

4. Large-Scale Mirrors

Incorporate large mirrors to expand space and enhance light reflection. Leaner mirrors are a great option and can be placed against walls, adding depth and interest to your small space.

large scaled mirrors

5. Layers of Lighting

Add layers of lighting to your small space for drama and interest. Incorporate ceiling lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps at different levels to create ambiance and visually expand the space.

layered lighting

6. Appropriately Scaled Furniture

Choose appropriately scaled furniture that fits snugly in your space. Avoid oversized pieces that eat up valuable square footage. Opt for chairs and tables that are proportional to the room size.

appropriately Scaled Furniture - small spaces

7. Vertical Applied Moldings & Tile

Create volume in your small space with vertical architectural details like applied moldings or vertically laid tiles. This technique enhances the sense of height and spaciousness in the room.

vertical applied moldings and tile

8. Oversized Rugs

Use large rugs to anchor seating areas and visually expand the space. Ensure that all furniture within a grouping sits on the rug to create cohesion. Extend rugs beyond tables and seating areas to define spaces effectively.

oversized rugs

9. Cohesive Window Treatments

Keep window treatments cohesive to maintain a sense of unity in your small space. Choose similar fabrics and colors for drapery panels or shades. Hang window treatments high to elongate the walls and create the illusion of height.

Cohesive window treatments - small spaces

10. Monochromatic Color Palette

Extend the eye with a monochromatic color palette that enhances the sense of space. Whether light or dark, cohesive colors make the room feel larger and more cohesive.

monochromatic color palette

11. Add Space-Saving Charm with Seating

Incorporate built-in seating like banquettes or window seats to maximize wall space and create cozy seating areas without cluttering the room.

add space saving charm with seating

12. Multi-Functional Furniture & Accessories

Opt for furniture and accessories that serve multiple purposes, such as storage ottomans or convertible tables. These pieces maximize functionality while minimizing clutter.

multi-functional furniture and accessories

13. Clear the Clutter

Decorate your small space in an edited and sophisticated manner, leaving room for negative space. Avoid overcrowding with decorative elements to create an airy and sophisticated atmosphere.

clear the clutter - small spaces

14. Add Symmetry

Introduce symmetry with architectural details, lighting, or decor arrangements to create balance and visual harmony in your small space. Symmetrical arrangements help the room feel more organized and spacious.

add symmetry

15. Incorporate Folding Pieces

Utilize folding furniture pieces like secretary desks or Murphy beds to maximize space when not in use. Folding elements offer additional functionality without sacrificing precious square footage.

incorporate folding pieces

Incorporating these designer tips into your small space can transform it into a stylish and functional oasis. Whether you’re renovating a cottage or revamping a studio apartment, maximizing every inch of space is key to creating a home that inspires you.

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If you found these tips helpful, share your favorite small space tip in the comments below. For more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram at @ashleychildershome and explore our Pinterest boards.

Remember, good design is for everyone—so let’s create homes that inspire us. Let’s embrace good design and fall in love with where we live, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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