Small Space Design Secrets

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My Top 20 Small Space Design Secrets

I’m excited to share my top 20 Small Space Design Secrets that will instantly elevate your home to achieve a sophisticated designer look. These tried and true tricks are perfect for creating magazine-worthy rooms, so stick around for every single one of them.

small space design secrets

1. Bookshelves & Built-ins

Our first small space design secret is all about vertical storage and display. By adding bookshelves or built-ins, you create functional and beautiful areas for all the things you collect throughout life. This maximizes wall space, making a statement in your home.

bookshelves and built ins

2. Double Duty Furniture

Opt for furniture that performs multiple duties. Beautiful pieces that also function as storage help declutter your space while maintaining style. From armoires to cocktail tables with shelves, embrace functional elegance.

double duty furniture

3. Over-Scale Mirrors

One of the easiest and most affordable design tricks for small spaces is using large mirrors. They not only create reflections but also bounce light around, instantly adding volume to any room.

over scaled mirrors

4. Monochromatic Color Palette

Stick with a monochromatic color palette for a small space. Whether light or dark, maintaining a cohesive color scheme can make a smaller room feel more spacious and sophisticated.

monochromatic color palette

5. Grouped Collections

Clear the clutter by grouping collections. This tip is especially useful for collectors. Instead of scattering decorative pieces throughout your home, group them artfully. It creates a curated look without overwhelming the space.

grouped collections

6. Vertical Wall Moldings and Tile

Add vertical wall moldings and tile to create height in a small space. This architectural trick draws the eye upward, making the room feel larger and more visually appealing.

vertical wall molding and tile

7. Built-in Seating

Incorporate built-in seating, such as banquettes or benches. This saves floor space around tables and utilizes otherwise unused areas, like under windows or in corners.

built in seating

8. Shrinking Your Dining Table

Consider a smaller dining table. Large tables can eat up precious floor space. A smaller table, like a 48-inch or even 36-inch one, can be charming and effective, especially for smaller families or couples.

shrinking your dining table

9. Large Scale Rugs

One of my favorite small space design secrets is to go for a larger scale with your rugs. Extending the rug almost to the wall visually expands the space, creating a designer look in any small room.

large scale rugs

10. Tall Drapery

Hang your window drapes as high as possible. Taking the drapery rod up to the ceiling creates visual space, sophistication, and a more open feel in your small space.

tall drapery

11. Hidden TVs

Hide your TV if possible. Incorporate it into furniture or built-ins to maintain a clean and visually spacious look in your small space.

hidden tvs

12. Double Duty Accessories

Choose accessories that serve a double duty. Opt for decorative pieces like boxes, trays, or lidded baskets that are not only beautiful but also functional for storage.

double duty accessories

13. Pocket Doors

Consider adding pocket doors in your small space if you have the opportunity. They are not only charming but also save floor space, making tight quarters more functional.

pocket doors

14. Reflective Materials

Use reflective materials, such as glossy tiles or polished plaster walls. These materials bounce light around the space, creating a larger visual experience.

Reflective materials

15. Panel Front Appliances

In the kitchen, incorporate panel front appliances. This simple trick allows your eye to move seamlessly through the space without interruptions from appliances.

panel front appliances

16. Mounted Lighting and Furniture

Keep the floor clear by opting for wall-mounted lighting instead of floor lamps. Consider mounting furniture, like bedside tables, to the wall for both visual space and added storage.

mounted lighting and furniture

17. Foldable Furniture

Add foldable furniture, like secretaries, fold-up tables, or Murphy beds. These pieces are functional when needed and can be neatly stored away when not in use.

foldable furniture

18. Adding Symmetry

Create symmetry in the space through architectural elements or decorative accessories. This adds a sense of calm to the eye and makes the space feel larger.

adding symmetry

19. Large Scale Artwork

Opt for large-scale artwork. Going big and bold with art not only rests the eye but also adds cohesion to a small space.

large scale artwork

20. Maximize Nooks & Passageways

Don’t overlook nooks and passageways in your home. Whether it’s a sweet alcove or a hallway, maximize these areas with storage or built-ins to add both functionality and charm.

Maximize nook and passageways

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Thanks for joining me in these 20 small space design secrets. If you enjoyed today’s tips, let me know in the comments which were your favorite and if you plan to try any in your own home. Also, check out the full YouTube video of How to Elevate Your Small Spaces For a Luxury Look below.

Thanks for reading, and remember, good design is for everyone. Create a home that inspires you, have fun decorating your small space, and fall in love with where you live, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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