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Paint Colors for the Kitchen, Our Top Picks

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Kitchen paint colors for cabinets and island

So Many Paint Options, Please Send Help!

When it comes to paint colors for the kitchen, the skies the limits! Light and bright, dark and moody, mixed color pallets, you name it there’s something for everyone. And depending on your personality and the style of your home, you can really go all out on paint colors in the kitchen

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of the home, especially now since we all spend more time than ever at home. So, we believe that your kitchens should inspire and delight you at every turn. Therefore the paint colors you choose for this space are very important.

Calm, Clean Paint Colors

When we were building our home, I knew I wanted a calm, clean, layered look in our kitchen. Subtle tones of white, gray, cream, charcoal, and umber. Those are the paint colors that make me happy and inspire me to spend time in my kitchen cooking with my family!

We love the look of two-tone kitchens so we went with slightly different shades on the perimeter cabinetry and the island. This creates that subtle layered look that I like and makes things a bit more interesting without too much contrast.

I used Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl on the cabinetry and floating shelves, and Benjamin Moore, Sea Haze on the island.

For our walls, I went with PPG, Delicate White. This is the color that I used throughout the main living areas on our 1st floor. I love the clean crispness of this soft white. It’s the perfect backdrop for my constant rotation of art, mirrors, and furniture.

I used the same PPG, Delicate White paint color in a flat finish on our range hood. I love how it softens the hood and creates another layer on top of our backsplash tile.

Lastly, I used Benjamin Moore, Kendall Charcoal, and Benjamin Moore Super White for the mullions and casings of our windows respectively.

Where We Found Our Paint Color Inspiration

The paint colors I used for this space were chosen to pair with the marble slabs I fell in love with at the very beginning of construction. There were only 3 of the slabs available and I scooped them up without a second thought!

The creamy background of the marble has various shades of gray, umber, and charcoal running through the veins. Our countertops are by far one of my favorite features in our home and the perfect starting point for our kitchen paint colors.

If you have a feature in your kitchen that you love, I suggest using it as a starting point for your paint colors. Honestly, it could be anything, a rug, art, backsplash tile, countertops, etc. Anything that you could pull colors from.

This is by far the easiest and quickest way to build color palettes for your home. And with this technique, you’re guaranteed to have an end result that looks professional and well thought out.

Xo, Ashley

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