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How to Create a Restful Retreat

Hello Design Lovers! I am taking you through my luxury bathroom reveal and explaining how to create a restful retreat in your primary bathroom. If you love a layered and cozy bathroom with high-end finishes, spa-inspired amenities, and artful touches, then you’re at the right place.

Okay, let’s get right to it… Here is our primary bathroom, which just recently got a little refresher.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - Primary bathroom

First, I kept the tub, marble floor and shower tile, cabinetry, and countertops as they were. We built this house five years ago, and those elements were still in good shape and classic in design. So there was no need to get rid of anything. The biggest addition here was that we added 6” tongue and groove paneling to the walls.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - T&G on bathroom walls

I ran the planks vertically and stopped them in line with the window lights. I like how it keeps your eye moving around the space with the extension of that horizontal line.

We capped the T&G with a 1×2 and painted all of it “PaleOak” by Benjamin Moore. I then had the walls, crown molding, and ceilings painted in PPG Sea Gull, which is a similar tone to the pale oak but lighter. I love how the white freestanding tub pops against the tongue and groove now, and I am obsessed with the cozy factor that the paneling added.

Now on to the window.

Originally, I had long drapes in here, but they weren’t as practical as I’d have liked. I had to open them every morning so I could get natural light in the space and then close them every night for privacy. It was kind of a pain, so I opted to replace them with these sweet little café curtains. I love how practical these are. They’re beautiful natural linen, and because our house sits up on a hill a bit, they are the perfect height to create privacy. But since the top portion of the window is left open, I get all the light I could ever want in the space.

I did an iron café rod… These are ½” in diameter and paired with little 1” rings. Part of the charm of a café curtain is the delicacy of the rod and rings, and honestly, they can be kind of hard to find, so I’m linking the exact ones I ordered below.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - Bath tub with café curtains over the windows

I got the rods, rings, and curtains from Etsy artisans. They were all custom-made for my space and turned out beautifully!

Shop the Luxury Bathroom Reveal looks:
Okay, moving on to each side of the tub.

Because there is so much symmetry happening with the window, tub, cabinetry, and mirrors, I wanted to mix things up on the styling. I added a handmade bronze towel bar and beautiful linen towels, with a piece of art hung above.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - styled bath towel bar and art

This piece of art is very sentimental to me; I bought it from an artist in Avignon, France, when my daughter, mother, and I traveled there last fall. I loved the colors, and the artist was so sweet. I brought it home and had it framed, and now every time I’m in our bathroom I’m reminded of that special trip and the time spent in the south of France. I want to encourage you to add personal art and accessories to your bathrooms.

We spend a lot of time in our primary bathrooms daily, so those spaces should be decorated just as we would any other room, with beautiful pieces that make us happy.

Okay, moving on to this side of the tub.

I love bringing in natural plant materials to the bathroom, so I added this ceramic stool from my collection. This one is the arches stool, and I love how sculptural it is and how the matte white ceramic pops off the painted t&g paneling. Then I layered this funky plant on top in a cool glazed pot.

We’ve had this plant for several years… and it thrives in this location… so if you’re bathroom has a window, try out a potted plant in your space. It’s a bit unexpected, and I love the look.

Now for styling my vanity. I love sitting down to put on my makeup, so I added this little rolling stool. It’s the Tuffet Stool from my furniture collection. I love how the faux shearling adds some texture to the room. I also added a small little mirror on an art stand.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal -Bathroom Vanity
This room gets so much light that most of the time, I can use this mirror to put on my makeup. But if I need more light, I have a light-up makeup mirror under the cabinet.

Now, let me show you how I achieved a luxury bathroom look at the sink area on my vanity. I’ve used the Key Mirror and Callie Sconces over both vanities. I love how they add a modern touch to the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - Mirror hung on bathroom walls

I’ve had several people ask me how to hang a mirror or piece of art on top of the paneling, especially if the paneling and wall are at varying depths.

You do that by adding a strip of wood to make the hanging surface even. We added a 1×2 on the wall where the hanging hooks are on the back of the mirror, then added the hanging mechanism on top of the 1×2. This helps the mirror to lay flat oven with the varying depths of paneling and wall.

I like a layered look, not too cluttered, but a pretty statement.

So I started with the ricrac tray from my collection. I love how the brass detail and antiqued mirror surface add a little sparkle. I added this vintage ceramic pot and some fresh hyacinth flowers. These smell so amazing, so when they’re in season, I buy them constantly. These actually came from Trader Joe’s…

Next, I used this antique silver bowl as a jewelry holder and then layered in an organic glass bowl filled with handmade soaps.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - her side styled vanity
I actually collect handmade soaps when I travel.

All of these I used came from France, and I love how beautiful they are displayed in the glass bowl. They are the finishing touch to the vanity in my opinion. Next, I used this antique silver bowl as a jewelry holder. Then I layered in an organic glass bowl filled with handmade soaps.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - styled vanity with soaps, florals, ring dish

I actually collect handmade soaps when I travel, all of these came from France, and I love how beautiful they are displayed in the glass bowl. They are the finishing touch to the vanity.

Now over to my husband’s vanity. He doesn’t need anything fussy, so I just added a few little things.

A vintage ceramic tray, two glass canisters with leather handles, and a handmade bowl for his watch and ring. A glass soap dispenser and linen towel draped over the sink, and that’s it, easy, sophisticated styling.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal - his styled vanity

I hope you enjoyed seeing my luxury bathroom reveal. If you wish to see the full video of me walking you through the space click the link below.

Luxury Bathroom Reveal YouTube Video

As Always, Thank you for reading, and remember, good design is for everyone. So create a home that inspires you and fall in love with where you live, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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