Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

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Hello, design lovers! Today, I’m revealing the Top 8 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023 and sharing exact examples of how you could use these trends in your home. For most of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes perfect sense that we put a ton of focus and energy into making the kitchen functional and beautiful for our specific needs.

Kitchen Design - collage of kitchens

As I break down each trend, element by element, think about how having these details and unique features in your kitchen would serve you. Each trend is meant to elevate your kitchen in beauty and functionality, so let’s dive in one by one.

Trend #1 Bespoke Islands

We all love a beautiful and functional kitchen island, and this trend takes that even a step further by elevating the island to a work of art with all the bells and whistles. We’re seeing a shift towards islands that have layered material pairings like heavily veined marble mixed with patinaed metal details and warm wood, or even fluting or reeded details.

Kitchen Design - bespoke island

There’s also a shift to design islands in a bit more unexpected shapes like ovals or large squares instead of the typical rectangles.

Another island feature that we love is the use of under-counter bookshelves and niches to create functional and beautiful display areas for your cookbooks and decorative treasures. .

Highly personalized Bespoke Islands are something that every one of our clients asks for, and it’s a trend that will provide beauty and function but will also serve you for years to come.

Trend #2: Statement Stone

This trend has been going strong for several years, and I absolutely love the shift to using bold statement stone countertops and accents in a kitchen. Many times, kitchens are a bit more streamlined as far as color and pattern go, so using a statement stone such as a beautifully veined marble or quartzite adds much-needed personality and interest to a kitchen.

We are not only seeing statement stone used for countertops, but also full-height backsplashes, open shelving, and even door casings.

I personally have a breathtaking leathered marble in my kitchen, it’s one of my favorite design features in my home, and it was the jumping-off point for the color palette and material selections for the rest of our space.

Kitchen Design - statement stone island

So, if you are building or renovating in the near future, go to the stone yard early on in the process.

Trend #3: Handmade Tiles

Kitchen Design - handmade tile on wall and vent hood

The handmade tile trend is more popular than ever, and I’m here for it. This trend is applied to entire walls, ceilings, and architectural details like support columns and barrel archways.

This trend encompasses the super popular zellige tiles, earthenware tiles, hand-painted terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, and terrazzo tiles. In a variety of creative applications from floors to walls and all the way up to ceilings

Trend #4 Customized Cabinetry

The sky’s the limit with the Customized Cabinetry trend, and we have seen this trend skyrocket in recent years with incredibly creative storage, organization, and functional details. This trend has major staying power as it provides a personalized function in a kitchen that serves the needs and flow of a family.

A few of our favorite Customized Cabinetry details are double-layered flatware drawers, knife drawers with integrated wooden blocks, pop-ups, undercabinet mixer stands, hidden appliance garages, and pull-out trash bins with hidden storage for trash bags and paper towels.

And the list could go on and on… I love this highly personalized trend and encourage my design clients to share all their kitchen functionality needs with me when designing customized cabinetry so we can create specific solutions for their needs.

Kitchen Design - custom cabinetry with integrated appliance

Trend #5 Material Mix

In addition to function, we are seeing another major trend emerge of mixing Materials or using multiple paint colors, wood finishes, stone overlays, unique steel and glass applications, and antique mirrors within a kitchen.

Kitchen Design - mixed materials in kitchen

This could be a walnut island paired with beige perimeter cabinets, steel and glass front doors on a beverage wall, or white oak paneled refrigeration towers flanking metal-clad lower cabinets with marble open shelving.

I love layering materials, finishes, and textures in a kitchen to create interest and personalization, and the Material Mix trend is here to stay.

Trend #6 Personalized Pantries

The personalized pantry trend is one of my personal favorite 2023 kitchen trends, and it’s one that is here to stay.

We’re seeing pantries and sculleries get larger and more elaborate in their design and function, and I love it.

Designer details such as stone floors, brass plate racks, walls of fully integrated appliances, hidden food storage, and large sinks are all high on the priority list for the personalized pantry trend.

Kitchen Design - luxurious pantry

Trend #7 Flush Mount Fixtures and Wall Sconces

We are seeing a big shift away from entire kitchens illuminated by recessed cans and a move towards using a grid of flush mount lighting and wall sconces instead.

Kitchen Design - flush mount and sconce lighting in kitchen

Flush mount ceiling fixtures are generally smaller than pendants and sit close to the ceiling. They are decorative and provide more personality and interest to a space than recessed cans.

While wall sconces can add a ton of charm to a space and are great for illuminating special feature walls and architectural details, this shift of using mostly flush mount and wall sconces in a kitchen creates a unique, welcoming atmosphere while still providing the necessary task lighting a kitchen needs our last 2023 Kitchen.

Trend #8 The Dining Nook Creating

Dining nooks and breakfast areas in a kitchen are a huge trend that I personally love for their charm and functionality. This could be a banquette under a window with a table and chairs placed in front of it or a bench, table, and chairs that are recessed into the wall.

These cozy, intimate spaces for sharing a meal or relaxing with a cup of coffee are becoming more and more popular, and we can see why. It’s where my family and I eat most of our meals and where friends and family tend to hang out while I’m cooking.

Kitchen Design - built in breakfast nook

Shop my fav kitchen must-haves!

That’s the Top 8 Kitchen Trends of 2023 that I’m most excited about. Please watch our YouTube and see our Pinterest Board below.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends YouTube Video

2023 Kitchen Design Trends Pinterest Board

As always, I’m Ashley Childers; thank you for reading, and remember, good design is for everyone. So stay true to yourself, create a home that inspires you, and love where you live.

XO, Ashley

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