Interior Design Styles

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Top 5 Interior Design Styles Explained 

Today, I’m here to guide you in discovering your design style by introducing you to five top interior design styles. We’ll delve into the characteristics, visual foundations, and material references that make each style unique.

Interior Design Styles

So, let’s explore these fantastic interior design styles, which essentially serve as the building blocks for many others. Identifying which one of these styles will set you on the path to defining your personal design flair.

I’m Ashley Childers, an interior and product designer, and I’m thrilled to simplify the mystery behind these top five interior design styles. Let’s dive into the styles to make your home a reflection of your personality and perspective.

Interior Design Styles

1. English Country Style

Imagine steeped charm, rustic warmth, and natural materials. English country style incorporates antique furnishings, layered rugs, charming architectural details, and florals.

If this whimsical charm resonates with you, consider including shelves of books, cozy reading nooks, and a mix of antique furniture in your space.

English Cottage Style

2. Modern Design Style

Modern design has evolved, becoming softer and more sophisticated. Clean lines remain, but the new modern style embraces a refined material mix, natural elements, and a tonal color palette.

Focus on sculptural and clean-lined furniture, mix natural materials, and incorporate contrasting artisanal accents for a welcoming modern space.

Modern Design Style

3. Classic Design Style

Timeless and refined, classic style features elegant details, lasting materials, and traditional proportions. Think traditional architectural details and neutral color schemes with pops of bold color.

Timeless upholstery fabrics like wool, mohair, velvet, and linen. Embrace symmetry and balance in your design to embody classic elegance.

Classic Interior Design Style

4. Organic Design Style

Celebrate nature in your interiors with the organic design style. Earthy neutral colors, natural materials like wood and stone, and a clutter-free approach define this style.

Simplify your material mix, focus on sustainable and eco-conscious building materials, and incorporate furniture made from sustainably harvested materials for a calming, rejuvenating atmosphere.


5. Bohemian Design Style

Embrace a free-spirited, eclectic way of decorating with Bohemian style. Layered color schemes, antique and vintage accessories, patterned rugs, and live plants create an eclectic and creative atmosphere.

If you connect with a Bohemian vibe, let your space be a reflection of your soulful, artistic self.


So, there you have it – the Top Five Interior Design Styles explained. Let me know in the comments which style resonates with you the most!

For even more design goodness, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and on Pinterest @ashleychildersco. To see more examples of these top five interior design styles, check out the YouTube video below.

Remember to stay inspired, have fun finding your design style, and fall in love with where you live, one room at a time!

XO, Ashley!

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