How To Get The Modern Cottage Look

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Everything You Need To Know About Modern Cottage Style Design

Today, I’m thrilled to delve into the captivating world of modern cottage design and how you can get the modern cottage look. If you’re a design enthusiast like me, you’re in for a treat as I break down the essence of this style, from architectural elements to interior details, and provide tips on bringing this charm into your own home.

dining room cottage

What is Modern Cottage Design?

Modern Cottage design style beautifully marries the historical charm of centuries-old English and French cottages with a sophisticated and modern sensibility.

modern cottage bedroom

It’s crucial to note that while Cottagecore has been a recent design trend, Modern Cottage is its elevated, refined counterpart.

Cottagecore tends to lean towards whimsical, embracing vibrant colors and patterns, while Modern Cottage takes a more pared-back and sophisticated approach.

Exterior Architecture of Modern Cottage Style

Picture a home adorned with dramatically pitched gables, swooping front porch overhangs, welcoming arched doorways, prominent chimneys, and a lush cottage-style landscape.

Modern Cottage exteriors embody these features, creating a warm and inviting facade.

The proportions might be slightly exaggerated, with larger windows and a more gracious entrance, but the overall feel remains charming and welcoming.

exterior cottage

Interior Elements of Modern Cottage Style

Inside a Modern Cottage, you’ll find layered and storied spaces, combining cozy warmth with sophistication.

sunroom cottage

Think wall paneling, tumbled stone, or wide-planked wood floors.

Also, think of unlacquered brass plumbing fixtures and natural stone countertops.

My favorite characteristics of a modern cottage are charming architectural details like window seats, arched doorways, and wooden ceiling beams.

Proportions in Modern Cottage Style

Modern Cottage homes often have proportions that slightly exceed their historical counterparts, featuring dramatically pitched gables, larger windows, and a more gracious entrance. Despite this, the style maintains its inviting and charming ambiance.

dining room cottage

How to Achieve the Modern Cottage Look

Focus on architectural details, color palette, and materials to infuse your home with the Modern Cottage look.

Opt for natural wood ceiling beams, wide-planked wooden floors, and honed stone countertops.

Embrace muted earthy neutrals like creamy beiges, soft browns, sagey greens, and muted blues reminiscent of a misty morning in the English countryside.

kitchen green cabinetry

Furniture and Accessories in Modern Cottage Style

When selecting furniture and accessories, blend antique pieces with modern silhouettes.

living room cottage feel

Picture a modern sofa paired with an antique coffee table or a classic rolled-arm chair alongside a modern curved table.

Embrace textural layers in upholstery fabrics and textiles, combining traditional furniture styles with a few modern pieces.

Exterior Materials and Cottage Gardens

For the exterior, incorporate materials like stone and timber, cedar shake, or slate roofs. Also, charming elements like shutters and arched entry doors will instantly add to that cottage look.

exterior spaces

Now, onto my favorite part – the Cottage Garden. Modern Cottage-style gardens blend the wild spirit of English gardens with structured elements. They do this by using boxwood hedges, climbing roses, and overflowing decorative pots.

modern cottage garden

Shop these Modern Cottage pieces.

Whether or not Modern Cottage is your go-to style, consider incorporating a few elements to infuse your home with its timeless charm. Let me know which aspect of Modern Cottage design resonates with you in the comments.

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Remember, good design is for everyone. Create a home that inspires you, have fun embracing the charm of Modern Cottage style, and fall in love with where you live – one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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