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How I’m Decorating our Home for Christmas 2023

Greetings, design enthusiasts! I am so thrilled today to share our holiday decor must-haves from our 2023 holiday collection. Join me as I guide you through the art of decorating your Christmas tree like a designer.

Full shot of living room styled

Setting the Stage: The Base Decoration

Before diving into ornaments, let’s talk about the foundation. This year, I opted for a modern take on Old World Christmas, and the key player in this game is the beautiful holiday ribbon.

I carefully picked three varieties – a 4 inch toasted caramel velvet ribbon, a 2.5 inch deep ruby velvet ribbon, and a 2.5 inch metallic ribbon. Each ribbon danced gracefully from the base to the top, creating a harmonious and nostalgic Christmas tree canvas.

full shot of Christmas tree

Pro Tip: Take your time weaving the ribbon into the branches for a more integrated and natural look. The result is breathtaking, and I used two rolls of each ribbon for my 12-foot tree.

Ornamental Symphony: Graduating Sizes for Impact

Now, let’s talk ornaments. I played with texture and muted colors this year for a complete look. Start with your largest ornaments – in my case, golden antique balls – and tuck them securely into the branches. Gradually move on to smaller ornaments, maintaining a balanced composition.

Close ups of the ornaments

Pro Tip: Aim for at least six to ten ornaments of each kind for a large tree-like mine. Variety is key, and it adds interest and thoughtfulness to the overall design.

With the ribbon and ornaments in place, the tree took on a stunning modern Old World Christmas vibe. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful decoration, proving that, sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes.

Mantle Magic: Understated Opulence

The opulent Christmas tree deserved its spotlight, and because of that, I opted for a simple approach with the mantle. Swags of cedar garland, adorned with fairy lights, created a charming frame for the fireplace.

The stockings, handmade from leftover boulay fabric, added a personal touch, and the antique glass wreaths and mistletoe brought the perfect finishing touch.

image of mantel with garland and stockings for holiday decor must-haves

Coordinated Presentations: Gift Wrapping Elegance

No holiday decor is complete without coordinated gift wrap. Matte cream and brown papers adorned with velvet and satin ribbons tied the entire theme together, creating a classic and sophisticated statement.

styled shots of gift wrap

Cocktail Table Charm: A Splash of Holiday Elegance

Cocktail tables deserve their holiday flair too! A rolling coffee table showcased brown Christmas balls in a bangle bowl, filled by Cypress spray. It’s a subtle yet impactful addition to the holiday decor lineup.

styled shots of coffee tables for holiday decor must-haves

Buffet Beauty: Simple Elegance

A set of three embossed Christmas trees on the buffet, draped with deluxe cedar garland, maintains the holiday theme without overwhelming the space. It’s a lesson in simple elegance that resonates with the season’s spirit.

Styled shot of buffet

Entryway Elegance: A Welcoming Prelude

The entry received a touch of holiday magic with vintage mercury glass ornaments hanging on Magnolia branches. It’s a teaser for a dedicated vintage decor showcase, promising more festive fun.

Styled entry shot

Final Flourish: Staircase Grandeur

The stairs became a canvas for holiday grandeur with deluxe cedar garland, 2-inch velvet ribbon, and the pièce de résistance – a large solid brass sleigh bell. Effortless and dreamy, it’s the perfect introduction to the holiday magic that awaits inside.

Styled stair shot with garland for holiday decor must-haves

A few of our favorite items to style with during the holiday season.

And there you have it – a glimpse into my holiday decor must-haves. I hope you found inspiration and a dash of festive magic. Check out the full YouTube video below to see step-by-step instructions on how I decorated my home for the holidays.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Here’s to a season filled with elegance, warmth, and timeless holiday joy!

XO, Ashley

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