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Embrace Beautiful Living: Five Habits to Transform Your Everyday Life

I’m excited to share my Five Habits for Beautiful Living. These practices have brought inspiration and intention into my home and life. By incorporating these habits, you too can transform each day into something truly inspiring.

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Habit 1: Build A Creative Practice

The first habit for beautiful living is to build a creative practice into your weekly schedule. This doesn’t have to be monumental; it could be as simple as restyling your coffee table, creating a floral arrangement, or preparing a beautiful meal at home.

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Engaging in any creative activity you enjoy flexes your creative muscles, fostering inspiration and an appreciation for beauty in your daily life.

Habit 2: Addressing Areas We Spend Most Time In

The second habit emphasizes addressing the crucial rooms in your home where you spend the most time. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom significantly impact your well-being and mindset.

habit #2

You can create environments that nurture and inspire you by dedicating time each week to enhance these spaces—whether through fresh flowers, cozy blankets, or thoughtful organization.

Habit 3: Morning & Evening Rituals

Create a morning and evening ritual to bookend your day with intention and care. Crafting a routine that grounds you in the morning and promotes relaxation at night can profoundly impact your overall well-being.

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Whether it’s journaling, expressing gratitude, or simply enjoying a quiet moment, these rituals contribute to a more mindful and fulfilling life. I personally like to start my mornings with coffee, journaling, and sharing three gratitudes in my family group text.

habit #3

In the evening, I unwind by enjoying some self-care, whether that be a bubble bath, face mask, or simply my skin routine. I finish my evening routine by turning off screens, lighting a candle, and reading for 30 minutes in bed. It really sets the mood to clear my mind to get a good night’s rest.

Habit 4: Treat Yourself to a Creative Outing Every Month

Make it a habit to treat yourself to a creative outing every month. Whether it’s exploring an art museum, wandering through a vintage market, or taking an art class, these outings spark wonder and ignite your creativity.

habit #4

These experiences open you up to new perspectives, influencing your ability to bring creativity and artistry into your daily life.

Habit 5: Make Beautiful Choices Whenever You Can

The final habit encourages making beautiful choices whenever possible. Light a candle, buy fresh flowers, thumb through a coffee table book, or savor a quiet moment in the garden.

habit #5

Embrace beautiful moments daily, and witness the positive impact on your overall well-being and the richness of your life.

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Thank you for exploring the Five Habits for Beautiful Living. Let me know in the comments which habit resonates with you the most or which one you’re excited to try.

For more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and Pinterest @ashleychildersco. To watch the full 5 Habits for Beautiful Living video, click below.

Remember, good design is for everyone. Have fun embracing the Five Habits for Beautiful Living and create a home that inspires you—one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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