Discovering Your Interior Design Style

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7 Interior Design Personalities Explained

Discovering your interior design style is a fun and exciting journey that allows you to create spaces that truly reflect your personality.

By defining one of the seven distinct design personalities, you can transform your home into a cohesive and beautiful haven that feels like an extension of yourself.

Discovering Your Interior Design Style
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Before we get into all the personalities, we have created a FREE Guide to help you define your design style. Download it here!

Let’s explore the seven design personalities and their key characteristics to help you find the one that suits you best.

Naturalist: This style embraces nature in your home using natural materials, organic forms, and earthy tones. Create warm, welcoming spaces with natural wood, stones, and live plants.

Discovering your interior design style

Curator: Sophisticated and layered, this style focuses on holistic design down to the last detail. Incorporate fine furniture, natural materials, and artful, unique upholstery.

The Curator style

Collector: Cozy and nostalgic, this style features layered interiors with antique and vintage elements. Look for welcoming upholstery, warm wood tones, and charming accessories.

The Collector - discovering your interior design style

Wanderer: Artistic and collected, this style draws inspiration from different cultures. Use handmade accessories, unique art, and traditional textiles to create an eclectic space.

The Wanderer

New Traditionalist: Classic and chic, this style combines traditional elements with modern touches. Look for antique wooden tables, classic wallpaper, and silver accessories.

The New Traditionalist

Free Spirit: Eclectic and fun, this style mixes colors, patterns, and natural motifs. Add live plants, colorful accessories, and patterned rugs to create a unique and welcoming home.

The Free Spirit - Discovering Your Interior Design Style

Purist: Minimal and refined, this style focuses on clean lines and quality materials. Look for modern lighting, streamlined upholstery, and sculptural accessories.

The Purist

Let me know in the comments which design personality resonates with you the most! Download our FREE design personality guide to learn more about each style and how to decorate your home accordingly.

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Remember, good design is for everyone! Enjoy defining your design personality and fall in love with where you live!

XO, Ashley

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