Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving Tablescape & Holiday DIY Ideas

Hello design lovers! Today’s blog post is all about designer decorating ideas for the holiday season with festive entertaining essentials.

I’ll guide you through creating an elegant tablescape for Thanksgiving and share some of my favorite holiday DIYs to bring beauty and a wonderful, welcoming aroma to your home.

Thanksgiving tablescape

Holiday Tablescapes

To set the stage for our designer holiday Tablescape, I opted for an artistic approach this year. Starting with a massive natural linen tablecloth from Etsy, measuring 156 inches by 108 inches, I aimed for an elegant vibe in our formal dining room.

At the center of the table, I placed a vintage copper branch adorned with beautiful maple leaves, making a striking statement on its own.

Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season - tablescape

Now, let’s layer in candles, place settings, and glasses to complete the look. We introduced vintage crystal Gavin candle holders in varying sizes, paired with taper candles, creating an organic and natural feel.

thanksgiving tablescape

The three different-sized candle holders add dimension and elegance to the centerpiece. The black plates, vintage bronze flatware, linen napkins, and brass vintage napkin holders complement the overall aesthetic, with a loose napkin presentation for added texture.

Thanksgiving tablescape - Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

As the candles flicker in the background, the result is the most elegant tablescape I’ve ever had, using items already present in our home. It’s a beautiful, welcoming statement that I’m excited to share with friends and family this season.

Holiday Simmer Pot:

One of my favorite Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season is a simmer pot. For a festive aroma that fills your home without the need for candles or plugins, try a holiday simmer pot.

Simmer pot

In a pot, combine oranges, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, star anise, cedar sprigs, and rosemary.

simmer pot prep

Add apple cider for a delightful fragrance. Simmer on the stove during gatherings or whenever you want your home to exude the holiday spirit. It’s the best way to make your home smell amazing for the holiday season.

finished simmer pot - Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

Planting Bulbs:

One of my cherished holiday traditions is planting bulbs to bloom during the season. I chose paperwhite bulbs and a large amaryllis bulb for this year’s project.

planting bulbs

Placing them in glass bowls with river rocks creates a visually appealing display. The glass bowls allow you to see the bulbs’ growth and water levels, providing a unique and beautiful addition to your holiday decor.

planting bulbs

Items used to decorate for the holiday season:

These simple DIYs add a personal touch to your home during the holiday season. I hope you find inspiration in creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of the season.

For more design goodness, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and Pinterest @ashleychildersco. Check out the full YouTube Video below to see how I decorated for the holiday season.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful time decorating and entertaining in your homes with these Designer Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season!

XO, Ashley

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