Charming Front Porch Formula

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Charming Front Porch Formula

In today’s Designer Diary, I’m breaking down the Charming Front Porch Formula that we use to bring cozy charm to any front porch.

There’s nothing more welcoming than arriving at someone’s home and being greeted by a charming front porch!

Front porch

My front porch formula has five parts, and when they’re all combined, they add so much character to your home! Let’s break them down one by one.

#1: Potted plants

Potted plants are such an easy and affordable way to liven up your porch and patio, and I especially love that they add seasonal color and texture to the mix.

potted plants - charming front porch formula

You can opt for a more formal look by flanking each side of the front door with large-scale planters on pedestals and planting them with boxwood topiaries or gracious Kimberly Queen ferns.

potted plants

But if you prefer a more informal look, you could opt for a mix of planters and baskets overflowing with colorful flowers for an English garden vibe. I prefer a mix of both and love trying new combinations each season!

#2: Decorative Doormat

Both beautiful and practical, a decorative doormat can add instant charm to your porch. I prefer to opt for an overscale one that’s timeless and made of a material that can withstand the weather, as our front porch isn’t very deep, and our doormat often gets wet.

decorative doormat

If you have a deeper front porch, you could go for a more decorative doormat that has classic stripes, a unique texture, or a pretty pattern.

#3: Pretty Door Hardware

Front door hardware is the jewelry of the porch and needs to be beautiful, well-made, and solid.

Pretty door hardware

Your front door hardware is the first touch-point for a visitor entering your home. There’s nothing more timeless and charming than touching a beautifully crafted, solid door knob or lever.

#4: Lovely Lighting

Front porch lighting is SO IMPORTANT! When choosing your fixtures, make sure to opt for a style that complements your home’s architecture.

lovely lighting - charming front porch formula

This will add another layer of charm and character to your exterior and is a beautiful way to incorporate an accent material like copper or burnished brass.

lovely lighting

We love adding gas lanterns to our clients’ homes when we can. There’s just nothing more welcoming than the flicker of a glass flame at night!

#5: Seasonal Wreath

Adding a seasonal wreath is such an easy way to add instant charm to your front porch. I love how a wreath can play up the colors and textures in the surrounding landscape or potted plants and create a cohesive, welcoming statement.

seasonal wreath

I change mine out seasonally and always enjoy how new wreaths make our porch feel fresh and current.

Shop these charming front porch essentials!

There you have it, friends, a Charming Front Porch formula that’s easy, affordable, and will add welcoming character to your home. I hope you have fun creating a charming front porch this season!

Xo- Ashley

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