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Now Trending: Arches

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There are few architectural details that pull at my heartstrings like a perfectly placed archway, and although arches date back as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian architecture, a modern take on the beautiful curving form is having a real moment right now.

I personally have always loved the lyrical quality that arches bring to a design. Grand and soaring, understated and modern, either way, they seem to make a space instantly more intriguing.

Whether used on the interior or exterior of a home, I love how arches bring a feeling of romanticism to a structure. Plaster, wood, brick, stone… pretty much any material can come to life when cladding an archway.

There are also so many applications for arched shapes. I’m very into large arched windows and case openings at the moment but also am completely smitten with an arched door and nook. I also love seeing how a series of this lyrical shape can turn a typical hallway into a grand gesture.

I’m currently working on the design for a beautiful new retail boutique in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, and am including modern arches in the design plan. My husband Garrett’s company is contracting the project. It’s always so fun when we get to work together on a creative project.

I looked to the arched shape as my jumping-off point for the design. I wanted the space to feel feminine, fresh, modern and welcoming, so I’m adding several soaring arches to bring that vision to life. I’ll share more as the project progresses. In the meantime, try adding a large arched mirror to your space for a beautiful, classic, of the moment look all at the same time.

XO- Ashley

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