2024 Paint Trends

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Hello Design Enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to unveil the top 2024 Paint Trends. Join me as I guide you through each trend. Showcasing my favorite colors and revealing curated designer palettes for a complete home transformation!

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Trend #1 Blue Hues

Blue Hues

Blues of all shades and tones will have a major moment in 2024. Aligning with a collective focus on health, well-being, and tranquility with meditative and serene blues. We’ll also see this trend translated into more playful and vibrant shades. Which encourage adventure, optimism, and seeking out growth and inspiration through new experiences.

Blue hues

Whether it’s the serenity of the light denim blue of Sherwin William’s 2024 Color of the Year, Upward. Or the adventurous violet-blue hue of Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of the Year, Blue Nova. Blue Hues are a top 2024 Paint Trend.

My top pick? Stardew by Sherwin Williams. It’s a distinctive and dreamy slate blue with a unique balance of warm and cool undertones. It’s light enough to feel fresh but saturated enough that it still has a unique personality.

blue hues

For our Blue Hues Paint Palette I wanted to pair Stardew with colors that grounded the distinctive saturation of the blue by adding warmth, depth, and contrast. 

blue hues paint palette

We’ve included the soft warmth of Alabaster. The cozy clay undertones of Versatile Gray. The alluring depth of Rain Cloud, and the muted gray-green of Mountain Road, all from Sherwin Williams.

Trend #2: Dark and Dashing

dark and dashing

This trend focuses on dark, rich colors from deep chocolate browns and interesting blacks to deep navies and dark forest greens. Let me tell you, there will be no shortage of dramatic paint colors in 2024. 

The paint colors I love for this trend include Behr, Cracked Pepper. A deep, almost black charcoal color that feels dramatic and organic at the same time.

dark and dashing

Ironside by Dutchboy, which is a deep olive that’s grounding, but also statement-making. And Sealskin by Sherwin Williams, which is a decadent, deep brown with muted undertones that are rich and elegant.

My favorite Dark and Dashing Color for 2024 is Regent Green by Benjamin Moore. It is a deep pine green that verges on black. 

dark and dashing

It’s mysterious and moody, and because of its nuanced color, this paint is a chameleon, working well with an array of supporting colors.

dark and dashing paint palette

For our Dark and Dashing paint palette, we’ve paired Regent Green with colors like Smokey Taupe, Rainy Afternoon, Cathedral Gray, and Dragon’s Breath, all from Benjamin Moore. This paint palette is richly layered, dramatic and utterly elegant.

Trend #3 Welcoming Warmth

warm and welcoming

Warm neutrals and optimistic pastels are here to stay. They wrap a room in warmth and instantly make a space feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming. 

A Few of my favorite “Welcoming Warmth” paint colors are: Glidden’s color of the year, Limitless, which is a warm creamy, champagne-inspired shade resulting in a honey-beige neutral.

warm and welcoming

Although it’s not a paint color, Veranda Magazine has chosen Electric Amber as their 2024 color of the year. This radiant orangy-brown is earthy and optimistic.

We see this color nod in Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Trend color, Honeybee which is a sweet and versatile soft yellow. It is my favorite Welcoming Warmth Paint color for 2024.

warm and welcoming

For our Welcoming Warmth Paint Palette we wanted to pair the cheery versatility of Honeybee with earthy colors that lend themselves to layered spaces that feel optimistic, creative, and full of personality.

warm and welcoming

A few of the colors we chose for the palette are the appealingly muted beige of White Sand, the moody gray-mauve of Hazelwood, the creamy goodness of Cafe Mocha, and mysterious glamour of Night Train all from Benjamin Moore.

Radiant Reds

radiant reds

This trend was cemented this past year when we saw deep reds fill the runways of fashion’s biggest designers and as Pantone announced its 2024 color of the year, Peach Fuzz, which is a light delicate shade that sits between pink and orange. 

Other colors that fall in the Radiant Red Trend are Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color Trends color, Topaz, a warm, earthy terracotta color, and their Teacup Rose, a pinky-coral pastel that’s quaint and cheery.

radiant reds

Also, HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, Persimmon, a warm and sunny orangy peach. 

For my Favorite Radiant Reds Color of the Year, I’ve chosen Sherwin Williams, Fireweed, a warm-rusty red that’s deep, soulful and earthy.

radiant reds

As for the coordinating colors that I’ve included in the Radiant Reds Color Paint Palette, I’ve chosen the tranquil versatility of Cool Beige, the welcoming warmth of Hushed Auburn, and the dark, romantic undertones of Carnelian.

radiant reds

Trend #5 Mindful Modern

mindful modern

This trend is all about calming colors that promote mindful, restful, restorative spaces by using soft, nuanced hues. 

I personally craved these types of colors in my home. And when layered properly, they can transform your home into the calming, warm, and welcoming spaces we’ll all be craving for 2024 and beyond.

mindful modern

A few of my all-time favorite “Mindful Modern” paint colors are: The warm, go-with-anything pale gray of Balboa Mist and the balanced sophistication of Pashmina both by Benjamin Moore. And the inviting warmth of Canvas Tan and Sand Trap, both from Sherwin Williams.

mindful modern

The color I used as the inspiration for our “Mindful Modern” Paint palette is the toasty gray-green of Sherwin Williams felted Wool. 

It was the perfect starting point for a whole home paint palette that includes other mindful colors like Neutral Ground, Pavestone, and Antler Velvet.

mindful modern
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If you want to get our very best tips on picking paints like a pro and all our favorite paint colors and trends, be sure to download our 2024 Paint Guide Here.

We’re giving you all the curated paint palettes we’ve created for each trend For FREE!!! This will be your go-to, comprehensive guide for creating a cohesive, designer paint plan for your home this year.

Which trend resonates with you? Share your favorite in the comments! And for more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and Pinterest @ashleychildersco. Watch the full 2024 Paint Trends YouTube Video below.

Thank you for reading 2024 Paint Trends. Remember, your home reflects you, so choose colors that evoke the feelings you desire. Embrace good design, explore the 2024 Paint Trends, and fall in love with your space, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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