2024 Décor Trends

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I’m thrilled to share the top 2024 décor trends. I’ll provide valuable insights to incorporate these concepts into your home seamlessly. As always, the trends I share are not just of the moment; they are timeless, ensuring lasting appeal for years to come.

2024 Décor Trend #1 Understated Bed

Our first 2024 décor trend, the understated bed, continues to captivate in 2024. Embracing restraint and minimalism, this trend features floor-grazing coverlets and a modest selection of pillows. Picture a spa-like approach to bedding, creating a serene and unfussy ambiance.

Opt for oversized, thin natural materials like linen, flax, cotton, or wool to achieve this look. Keep pillows to a minimum, focusing on sculptural accents like oversized lumbar or sphere pillows.

2024 Décor Trend #2 Provenance & Patina

Celebrating the heritage and history of antique and vintage furniture, our second trend, Provenance & Patina, will gain momentum in 2024. This trend resonates with a younger generation seeking soulful and storied pieces for their homes.

To incorporate this trend, shop local, explore antique markets with a discerning eye, and think creatively about repurposing unique finds. The focus is on well-crafted, thoughtful designs that tell a story.

2024 Décor Trend #3 Wall Tapestries & Textiles

In 2024, the décor trend of wall tapestries and textiles continues to flourish. Anticipate designers incorporating these elements to add textural dimension and historical allure to spaces.

Look for antique tapestries and textiles when antiquing. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box—consider unique ways to add large textiles to your walls, inspired by the hanging rug in a historic castle.

2024 Décor Trend #4 Heritage Reds

Get ready for a red revival in 2024 with Heritage Reds. From the rich, deep Reds of the Gucci runway to the faded, sundrenched Reds of the French Riviera, reds are making a bold statement in interior design.

To embrace this trend, infuse thoughtful pops of red through accessories, art, or patterns. Exercise an editor’s eye to curate a tasteful and stylish incorporation of Heritage Reds into your space.

2024 Décor Trend #5 Avant-Garde Accents

Our final trend for 2024 is all about injecting personality through Avant-Garde Accents. Picture quirky, intriguing, and cheeky pieces that serve as conversation starters.

Whether it’s unconventional artwork or accessories, this trend encourages pushing boundaries. Embrace unexpected pieces that add unbridled character and playfulness to your spaces.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey through the exciting décor trends of 2024. Let me know in the comments which trend you’re most excited to try in your home.

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Thank you for reading, and remember, create a home that inspires you, have fun exploring the 2024 décor trends, and fall in love with where you live, one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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