2023 Fall Front Porch

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Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas

I’m thrilled to share our 2023 fall front porch ideas with you so that you can achieve a beautiful and sophisticated fall front porch at your home.

Shopping at the Garden Center

Let’s dive into how I achieved this gorgeous 2023 fall front porch at my home. Typically, I wait until later in the fall to decorate my front porch, as I prefer using real pumpkins and live plant material.

It adds a natural and beautiful quality to the entrance of our home. Luckily, our local garden center, Good Earth, had a fantastic selection of pumpkins, mums, fall grasses, and kale.

The first step was choosing the perfect pumpkins. Cinderella-style pumpkins are some of my favorites due to their muted colors, such as sage green, white, and soft oranges.

I recommend going to the garden center early for the best selection. I selected pumpkins that complemented each other in color and size to ensure balance on both sides of the staircase.

Choosing + Styling My Pumpkins

I ended up with 22 pumpkins of various sizes and colors. Some were placed traditionally, while others were propped up, stacked, or tucked in, creating a visually appealing composition. This adds a natural and elegant touch to the display.

Choosing Mums & Plants

I utilized some summer plants for fall plants like asparagus fern and Chaste trees since it’s still warm in the South. Additionally, I incorporated purple fountain grass for a pop of color and texture.

When choosing mums, I opted for burgundy and copper varieties. Selecting non-blooming mums in early September is essential, ensuring they bloom during the desired fall period.

Composition & Arranging

To enhance the composition, I intertwined the draping tendrils of the plants with the pumpkins, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look. This integration makes the display appear seamless and elegant.


The finishing touch for our 2023 fall front porch was the addition of beautiful grapevine wreaths. In a previous tutorial, I demonstrated how to create these dried natural wreaths, providing a warm and welcoming touch to the front doors.

The wreaths feature colors that tie into the mum blooms, creating a harmonious transition. I also added velvet eyelash fringe ribbon for a pop of color and charm, completing the wreath’s look.

I hope this post inspired you to create a beautiful and abundant fall porch display at your home. Let me know in the comments which part was most helpful and what you’re excited about in your fall front porch decorating journey.

If you want more design goodness, follow us on Instagram @ashleychildershome and Pinterest @ashleychildersco. If you’d like to watch the full YouTube video where you can see step-by-step on how to create your 2023 fall front porch, click below.

Thank you for reading our 2023 Fall Front Porch post, and remember, good design is for everyone. Create a home that inspires you, have fun decorating your fall front porch this season, and fall in love with where you live—one room at a time.

XO, Ashley

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